The Top Ten Punk Pop Cover Versions

I went to university in the late 1990's and this means that I will forever hold a thrillingly bad punk pop cover version close to my heart. I was listening to some of these whilst doing some DIY the other day and thought I would make a list of my top ten.

Five things Benjy taught me.

As part of a minor org shuffle this week I will no longer be working directly with Benjy. Benjy isnt a showy man, so wouldn't want a fuss, but he is a brilliant writer and his blog is one we should all keep an eye on. With this in mind, I thought it would be appropriate to write a quick post about what Benjy has taught me in our time working together. It puts me in mind that the recording of our shared history is something that is easy to forget to do in the evolution of a team .

How I work

Location – Live in Cardiff and work in Newport

Current role – Chief Publishing Officer for the Office of National Statistics

Current mobile deviceBlloc for home, iphone for work

Current computer (work and home) Dell for work (it is very decent) and the classic sticker covered pixelbook for home (Pictured. It is the best device I have ever owned)

One word that best describes how you work – Hopeful

Selfies in the sunset

Things I learnt about me and my world this week

0 - I referred to the team as ‘guys' in a large meeting and have felt bad all week. Publishing as a rebuke to myself.

1 - When stuff goes really really wrong it is hard to stay calm. 

Week Notes - Spring Special

Week notes! Get your week notes.

So, this is very unlikely to be a thing, but I have had an unusually logistically smooth week and am on a slow moving train so have given it a go. I've checked out how this is meant to go. Gifs, ‘i went to a meeting’, reflection and humour leads to riches and unicorns.